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Goodbye Windows 8/8.1, Hello Windows 10

Posted on Wednesday 15th Apr 2015 by Stuart Ward

Well I can't say I'm sad to see Windows 8 go and it appears neither can Microsoft as they now say Windows 10 will be released in the summer probably through windows update. Microsoft hopes that this new version of Windows will revive their fortunes and reputation which have both been damaged by the Windows 8 fiasco.
Is it any good you ask? Well yes it is and if all the promised features and fixes make the final cut then it will be the new Windows 7 and we can all breathe easy & forget about the last 3 years. Microsoft have also decided that it will be a free upgrade to us.. Read More

Happy Birthday WABSYS

Posted on Wednesday 2nd Jul 2014 by Stuart Ward

Happy Birthday - We are 8 on the 1/7/2014 - WOW dosen't fly when you're enjoying yourself, think we need a party.

That 8 years of excellent service and lots of happy customers - Thanks to all who have supported and helped us over the years.

Five ways that cloud storage can benefit your business

Posted on Monday 31st Mar 2014 by Andy Butler

Cloud storage is a powerful business tool when used correctly. This article looks at five ways that cloud storage can benefit your business – making you more productive and more secure.

1. Simple, secure backups
Cloud storage services make secure backups very simple – with WABSTOR PRO’s unlimited storage space and Desktop Sync Software, you can simply right click on any folder on a PC or server and select “Add to WABSTOR”. The folder is then monitored hourly and any new documents or changed documents are backed up off-site on WABSTOR PRO’.. Read More

Keep yourself Secure

Posted on Monday 31st Mar 2014 by Stuart Ward

There are loads of new threats waiting to pounce as you surf the WWW and we are seeing them getting very sophisticated (As in they’ve learned to use a spell checker). The biggest security hole in your PC is the software you just don’t notice or the update dialogue annoys (Flash, Java, Shockwave) so you cancel it (Sound familier?). Here is a little file that when run will check for updates of various oft ignored software and update them for you, its easy just download it and run it – and yes it is safe. I would suggest running it weekly to be on the safe side and if you wan.. Read More

Cloud Computing – Contracts and the small print no-one ever reads!

Posted on Friday 31st Jan 2014 by Stuart Ward

Everyone has been focusing on ‘the cloud’ as of late, and many of our clients are keen to go down that road but there is a lot to know. We find ourselves almost perpetually hearing new spins on what the cloud is, funny, seeing as it doesn’t really change that much. In any case, we are all finding ourselves engaging with the cloud in more areas than this time last year, so what to watch out for?

The contact will specify where disputes are to be handled, and they may not be where you expect, Amazon has chosen the Federal Court in King’s Co.. Read More

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