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Windows 8 – What’s it all about?

Posted on Friday 31st Jan 2014 by Andy Butler

Windows 8 is nearly here and I thought that it was time to get my thoughts on paper. With Windows 7 we have a very flexible and stable OS – a far cry from its predecessor Vista which I think all agree was a complete disaster. This is not meant to be a review of the new Windows 8 just a pointer to whether you think you could ‘get on with it’. Firstly the new OS is much faster than 7 partly I suspect that a lot of the pretty bits like AERO have been removed and a lightweight touch centric interface has replaced it. There are some under the hood improvements as well but these.. Read More

What to Look For in a Backup Product!

Posted on Friday 31st Jan 2014 by Stuart Ward

So in my last blog I started to talk about upgrading to Windows 8, so it seems a logical thing to talk about backup's before we go through the steps of updating Windows; you know, just in case. 

How often are you able to run your backups? How long does each backup take to complete? Is it acceptable for a single backup to occur daily or weekly with the probability of losing a full day or weeks’ worth of work? Can the server handle multiple backups being run daily? Can your data be restored with all of the same permissions on the folders? What is the plan in case of a.. Read More

Get serious about disaster recovery!

Posted on Friday 31st Jan 2014 by Stuart Ward

Following on from my blog last week on backup's; I want to talk this week about disaster recovery and the importance of having a solid DR plan in place for your business because if ever there was a time to get serious about disaster recovery (DR), it’s now.

Over the last few years the UK has been hit with major floods, 100mph winds and even the odd small earthquake. Many lives and properties have been disrupted because of these events but the unsung story is all the businesses that lost everything – all their precious information. You can move to a new office, buy .. Read More

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