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Computer Backups Wakefield

Secure, Scaleable Backup for a Growing Business

One of the most important parts of your business is data. Yet some 70% of businesses continue to ignore this risk and carry on hoping that the worst won’t happen. Introducing WABSTOR, a series of solutions that allows you to back up your business data, share it with remote employees and even replace your fileserver using Team Folders. You can relax knowing your data is safely stored off site in two encrypted facilities and that if the worst happens, your data will be safe.

The Perfect Backup

We make sure everything is covered, doubling up in backup to give you the reassurance everything is safe. An on–site network backup to serve as the primary backup. This is a mix of full disc images, regular file replication and a system state backup daily.

An off-site backup, usually a USB HDD. The secondary backup has a system image and a system state backup.

A Cloud backup, used only for the data and is the same as the on-site replication except that it is hourly and with file versioning (WABSTOR keeps 30 versions of each file). This also keeps a copy of all local and remote PC’s data that may not be captured with 1 and 2 (included as standard in WABSTOR).

We follow these guidelines as well as monitor and test to make sure all is working. This allows you to rest easy, knowing we have taken care of everything. So even if the worst happens, your data is safe.

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