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IT Security Tips Wakefield

‘Only The Paranoid Survive’ is a tract on corporate fundamentals penned by Intel’s ex-Chairman Andy Grove.

The words should, however, be tattooed on the back of every PC owner’s mouse hand.

The internet is full of thieves and vagabonds united by one common goal – to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Here’s our guide to staying one step ahead of the bad guys. Follow our internet security tips to stay safe online and you can shop, surf and socialise online, and sleep soundly afterwards too.

1. Guerrilla psychology

2. Avoid being a mule

3. Set a serious password

4. Split your emails

5. Take care on public networks

6. Anatomy of an iffy shop

7. Be wary of Facebook

8. A price on your identity

9. Beware geeks bearing gifts

10. Choose your flexible friend

11. Pump and dump

12. Just like that

13. Act on your doubts

14. We’ve found a virus

15. Ditch IE6

16. Check out Virus Total

17. Listen to Bruce Schneier

18. Check firewall logs

19. Stop redundant services

20. Be cautious

21. Update software

22. Enter your own URLs

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