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Business Backup Wakefield

This allows you to backup all computers in your company wherever they are situated and however much data you have, so gone is the fear of a lost document or corrupted spreadsheet.


It can be installed on Windows servers (2003 up) PCs (XP up) and Macs (OS X 10.6 up). The backups are held in two datacentres in the UK and employ 256Bit Military spec encryption ensuring that your data stays your data.


This has all the features of WABSTOR but also includes the WABDRIVE, which allows a 512GB shared virtual HDD that is available to all users and can be used to disperse files to people to allow them to work from home as easily as in the office. Large files can also be sent from this to anyone in the world removing the need for fiddly FTP servers. Files can also be edited on the web portal via a tablet or phone and the changes will then be dispersed to all users. Another use for this is archiving of company data as files on the WABDRIVE that do not need to exist loacally on a computer, and storage can be expanded to fit your needs. Files can be stored locally on each PC so they can be worked on while offline and updated when you next go online.


This product allows you to control access to Group Folders to individuals or groups, therefore providing a way to allow the functionality of a file server to be replicated in the cloud. This means that employees can work as effectively from home as in the office whilst preserving all the folder security that you enjoy with a file server.

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