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FAQ Wakefield

What is WABSTOR?

What is the difference between WABSTOR and WABDRIVE?

Where are my files stored?

What does unlimited storage space mean?

Do you ever limit bandwidth or transfer speeds?

How secure is WABSTOR?

Why do I need WABSTOR?

Where can I get a WABSTOR account?

Which operating systems does WABSTOR support?

Can the Desktop Software run from a FAT32 drive?

What are the minimum system requirements for WABSTOR?


What is WABSTOR?

What makes WABSTOR special?

How do I download and install the Backup software?

How do I choose which files to backup?

When does WABSTOR run?

Where can I see the files I’ve backed up?

What happens if I delete a file from my PC?

Can I get access to previous versions of files?

Can I edit or delete files online in WABSTOR Backup?

Can I upload files to WABSTOR online?

Can I use WABSTOR on multiple computers?

How do I remove data from WABSTOR Backup?



Why should I use WABDRIVE?

What do you get with WABDRIVE that you don’t get with Backup?

How can I access my WABDRIVE?

How do I get an L: drive on my PC?

Do I have to have an internet connection to use the L: drive?

Why doesn’t the L: drive show 512GB?

Where are files on my L: drive actually stored?

What if I don’t want WABDRIVE files stored on my hard drive, but want them only online?

Can I change the drive letter from L: to something else?

Can I use WABDRIVE on multiple computers?

Can I use WABDRIVE on my Mac computer?

How can I see my WABDRIVE files online?

Can I upload files to my WABDRIVE from anywhere?

Can I edit or delete files online?

How can I restore a previous version of a file?

How can I play music from my web browser?

What are applications and how can I install them?

How can I see my WABDRIVE files on my mobile?

Can I use FTP to access my WABDRIVE?

Can anyone else see files on my WABDRIVE?

How can I let others see my WABDRIVE files?

Can I stop sharing a file?

WABSTOR Desktop Software

What is the WABSTOR Desktop Software?

Is the software free?

I have WABSTOR and WABDRIVE, so do I need two pieces of software?

Where do I get the Desktop Software from?

How do I know when updates are available?

Which operating systems does the software support?

I connect through a proxy – how do I set that up?

What ports does the WABSTOR client use?

Why don’t you support ACL’s, resource forks, symlinks and extended attributes on a Mac?

I’ve quit the WABSTOR for Mac application and the WABDRIVE volume icon hasn’t been removed from my desktop?

After an update I don’t see any WABSTOR Finder badges?

I notice you have some limited Applescript support?

Why don’t Finder contextual menus or WABSTOR service menu items work?

Why do you install tools that run as root?

What are sharing accounts?

Someone shared a file with me and now I have a WABSTOR account – do I have to pay for it?

I want to upgrade my sharing account to a full account – can I do that?


Do you have a business version of WABSTOR?

Can we use WABSTOR HOME or WABDRIVE HOME in our business?

Can WABSTOR PRO support collaboration in an office environment?

Can I use WABSTOR PRO+ to connect a mobile workforce?

Can I use WABSTOR to backup my servers?


I need help – what support do you provide?

I think there is a problem with my WABSTOR software, what is the first thing I should do?

How do I report a problem with the WABSTOR Desktop software?

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