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Home Backup Wakefield

Ever wondered what would happen if:

  • You lost your laptop or it was stolen.
  • Your computing equipment was destroyed in a fire.
  • The hard drive on your PC failed totally (10% of all HDD failures).

For a start, all of your data will be lost – that’s pictures, documents, music and videos all gone. Not a good thought for most people, but help is at hand in the shape of WABSTOR HOME. This easy and secure online backup product will backup 1TB of data from 5 PCs for only £30 per year .

Backup by default happens every hour and your files can be accessed anywhere, even on your phone or tablet.You can even stream music and videos from it or view pictures. The WABSTOR also keeps 30 previous versions of your files so if you make a mistake you can always return to a previous version easily.

So if you don’t have a backup that is away from your home, get one now and sleep soundly in the knowledge that your precious memories are safe and secure in  WABSTOR HOME.

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