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Computer Repair Wakefield

Experiencing problems with your computer? If your computer is running slow, crashing or if you are simply being pestered with pop-ups your computer may be in need of a service.

Just like cars, computers need regular servicing to keep them working efficiently. You wouldn't dream of setting off in a car which keeps breaking down so it makes sense not to entrust your precious documents and files to a computer which keeps crashing.

Computers which are infected with viruses and spyware can exhibit all of the above problems. Indeed, some of the new viruses being found have the ability to hide within your system closing down antivirus software and restricting access thereby causing untold damage to precious files and potentially compromising the security of your computer.

At Wabsy's of Wakefield we offer a fixed fee service to clean up your computer- getting rid of potentially harmful viruses. Many of our customers have been delighted at the difference this has made to the smooth-running of their computers.

Wabsy's have a team of highly skilled IT technicians who can fix most computer problems. Whatever repairs your computer needs Wabsy's has it covered. We have been accorded 'Trusted Trader' status by the consumer champion ' Which?' As well as solving software problems we can also fix problems with hardware.

See below for some of the services we offer for your computer;

  • Removal of viruses and Spyware
  • Removal of Crapware and Junkware
  • Removal of temporary files- freeing up valuable space
  • Hard drive de-fragmentation
  • All updates from Microsoft applied
  • AVG Free installed if you have no up to date antivirus installed
  • System health-check and tune-up

This last service is ideal before installing your new Internet Security software. We recommend AVG Internet Security Products. After trying and testing countless products we have found AVG products to be the best- we only recommend the best!

Whatever problems you are experiencing with your computer do not hesitate to contact Wabsy's. We are your local Wakefield IT specialist. We offer a friendly, efficient service at a competitive price. Our fixed fee or no- fix, no- fee services mean that you can have your computer repaired without the worry of high costs.

Whatever your computer problems - large or small - don't hesitate to contact Wabsy's of Wakefield on 01924 635343 or you can email us at info@wabsys.com. We will be very happy to help.

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