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Computer Back Up Wakefield

Safeguard your important data automatically in the cloud

Backing up your data may seem boring and unnecessary, but the day you accidentally delete years worth of irreplaceable family photos, your rare and valuable collection of digital audio files or all your financial records you will wish you had a backup. You may think that your data is secure on your new external hard drive, or your DVD collection but what happens in a major disaster such as fire, flood or robbery? Your priceless photo collection may be worth more to a petty thief than you think, how much would you pay to have those items returned?

Effective backup is only secure when your data is in AT LEAST 2 places. That means backing up to DVD in conjunction with your external hard drive, storing that DVD away from the drive, again, it’s no use having 2 backups if your house burns down with them both inside!

We offer an inexpensive, automatic, secure and reliable backup system called WABSTOR. This takes all your pictures, music and documents and stores them in two secure locations across London. This means that if the worst happens, you dont have to worry about losing your digital life

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