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Computer Maintenance Wakefield

Are you sick of pop-ups, virus problems, slow-downs, crashing and many other things that make computers torturous? If the answer is yes, then read on….

Most of these problems can be attributed to a lack of, or simply inadequate security software. The trouble is just installing and running antivirus software is not enough. Effective, regular maintenance and monitoring of a system is the only sure-fire way to ensure a smooth running machine. When a computer is infected with viruses and spyware they can creep to every corner of your system, sometimes even preventing you from removing them properly by closing down antivirus software or restricting your access. We offer a fixed fee service to our customers to clean up  your PC. This is a very popular service and the majority of our customers leave the workshop amazed at the difference!

Removal of Virusus and Spyware
Removal of Crapware or Junkware
Removal of temporary files freeing up valuable space
Hard drive de-fragmentation
All updates from Microsoft applied
AVG Free installed if you have no up to date antivirus installed (Bare Minimum)
Free system health-check and tune-up
This service is ideal before installing your new Internet Security software,  we recommend AVG Internet Security Products – We have tried and tested countless security products and found AVG’s product line to be far above the competition – we only recommend the best!


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