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Goodbye Windows 8/8.1, Hello Windows 10

Posted on Wednesday 15th Apr 2015 by Stuart Ward

Well I can't say I'm sad to see Windows 8 go and it appears neither can Microsoft as they now say Windows 10 will be released in the summer probably through windows update. Microsoft hopes that this new version of Windows will revive their fortunes and reputation which have both been damaged by the Windows 8 fiasco.
Is it any good you ask? Well yes it is and if all the promised features and fixes make the final cut then it will be the new Windows 7 and we can all breathe easy & forget about the last 3 years. Microsoft have also decided that it will be a free upgrade to users of Windows 8/8.1 and at least for a year Windows 7 this means that you don't have to fork out hard earned cash to get the latest version.
At last something good to say about Microsoft and a clear way forward but let’s hope they carry out the same improvements to the server platforms as well.

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